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The Anil

ANIL – Portuguese Wool Textile Association represents textile companies that are active in the sector of Wool in Portugal. ANIL his always ensuring and promoting the best interests of the wool industry and it`s associate members.


The first Industrial Wool Association emerged in 1820, known as “Grémio da Covilhã”, Covilhã was a city with a considerable number of factories. This “Grémio” was headquartered in Lisbon. It was succeeded in 1889 by the Industrial and Commercial Association of Covilhã, who’s first Board President was Comendador José Maria da Silva Campos Melo, an industrialist and philanthropist, who greatly promoted modernization of the wool industry and created the first Industrial School in Portugal, where for the next 80 years technicians for this industry were trained.

This association lasted until 1936, when, after long conversations with the government and acceptance of the conditions demanded by the industrialists, after the demands accepted, it became a Federation, along with its respective “Grémios”.

The National Federation of Wool Industries, had has President for 33 years Dr. João Ubach Chaves, who brought important values, created the Welfare Fund for the Wool  Industry with special benefits, ordered the construction of a housing development for the industry workers. The total cost of the investment, in 1949, was over 125,000.00 Euros, coming totally from his own funds.

With the end of the corporate system after the 1974 Portuguese Revolution, ANIL was founded, and Comendador Paulo Nina de Oliveira was elected President, who had a notable impact in ANIL and int he Portuguese Textile Industry history.

He was succeeded in 1995 by Dr. Joaquim Mota Veiga, member of the Board since 1979 and influential Vice President of ANIL from 1986 to 1995, marked by his untiring fight against unrestrained globalization of world trade.

Currently the Board President is Engº. José Alberto Robalo, who has continued the excellent work of his predecessors.
Anil Vista Frontal

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