As the development generates new needs which require adequate infrastructure, ANIL built a modern Exhibition and Congress Pavilion - EXPOLAN, endowed with all the requirements for conducting commercial nature activities, business and institutional.

Due to its versatility features, this space is still able to host sporting, artistic and cultural events.

The Pavilion ANIL - EXPOLAN, is located at Avenida ANIL in full expansion area of ​​the city of Covilha and in the center of Beira Interior (between the cities of Guarda and Castelo Branco) and therefore enjoys a excellent geographical location.

Covilhã is part of the known "Cova da Beira", in an industrialized area, agriculture and tourism.

Furthermore, the Covilha, which was once strongly marked by the Textile Industry, is now a university town with new support structures (such as the Hospital Centre of Cova da Beira and the Parkurbis - Science and Technology Park of Covilhã) and good regional accessibility.

The city is also endowed with magnificent hotel units in that it is located in the middle slopes of the Serra da Estrela, the relative distance from its Natural Park.


The Exhibitions, Fairs and Congresses ANIL are held in the city of Covilha, in its EXPOLAN Pavilion. They are considered the most prestigious shows and exhibitions of Beira Interior, and beginning in 1994 with the construction of the Exhibition Hall.

They are excellent business centers, as they provide economic operators from North to South, the real possibility of reaching new market segments and thus the establishment of new trade relations at the level of the Central Region and in particular of Beira Interior.

The bet on a good service and quality of products of the exhibiting companies are factors that have proven important to the verified success. The proof of this are the thousands of visitors from different municipalities of the region (Guarda, Castelo Branco, Fundão, Seia, etc.), and in Spain, do not miss the opportunity to visit the various exhibitions held regularly.

Trade shows

Each year ANIL promotes a variety of events, such as:

  • and many other´s

The events depicted herein are subject to changes and / or cancellations.

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